Handcrafted Email Signatures for the 21st Century

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Freelancing is yet another adventure I wish everyone could live, and branding is a crucial part of it.

You want people to work with you, and you’d better find a way to stand out from the crowd.

From tiny little things to blockbusters in your portfolio, almost anything can add value to your profile.

This article will teach you how to make an impact with your email signature.

Here it is :

First, what’s in it ?

In my opinion, your email signature should contain:

  • Your name and Your Position.
  • Enough information to reach you out of the mailbox : phone number, personal website.
  • Something that emphasizes your presence online : social media, platforms where your work is showcased (Github, Medium, Behance, Dribble)
  • Perhaps your profile picture : it makes conversations more human, even more if you’re giving a big smile.
  • Perhaps something related to your work area : If you’re a designer for instance, maybe should you include cool graphics, bright colors, funny shapes, etc.

You should refrain from including:

  • Your email address : It’s an email signature, they already know your email address. However, you could add a secondary email address if you have one.
  • Your personal address : No one needs to know where you live. However, indicating where your office is located might be useful.

How to stand out from the crowd ?

Animations are definitely what makes me stare at an email signature for minutes, but there’s more :

  • Use easy-to-read fonts : No one wants to lose an eye at looking for your phone number. Search online for popular fonts, and use Google Fonts if you want.
  • Follow business cards principles : Keep sober and elegant. Spaced paragraphs are easier to read, and font size should not be too small.
  • Make your best : People will be more keen on working with someone who gets the job done without weird glitches.

How it’s made ?

I am a developer so I coded my email signature to animate it easily with HTML & CSS.

This is my code :

Those are the main approaches :

  • Using code (what I did) : You might have an email signature done in under an hour, yet experience taught me that basic HTML5 + CSS3 is not well supported by email clients (especially animations). The workaround is to capture a GIF (what I did) of your running code.
  • Using a design software (with or without animation features) : Images and GIFs are supported by email clients out of the box so it will be rendered as expected.
  • Using an online email signature generator : You might have less features available, yet your email should be compatible with any email client if the generator is reliable. Benefit : Clickable links and smaller emails.

Regarding GIFs and Images :

Small caveat : links are not clickable + emails might be a little bigger (my signature adds an extra 1MB)

Benefit : Images are resized so your signature is automatically responsive.

Does it make an impact ?

The short answer is, yes it does.

I sometimes receive emails from customers asking how I managed to have an animated signature with shadows, emojis and so on.

The other short answer is : The devil is in the details.

By comparing your profile with others, customers might see that you pay big attention to small details. ⬅ It makes the difference.

Wanna know how it looks like ? Get in touch at david.mellul@outlook.fr.

Thanks for reading

Making my best to share weekly valuable content. ❤️💙

Feel free to ask me if you want your own custom email signature.

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Feel free to reach out at david.mellul@outlook.fr.

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